Dieting isn’t as simple as counting calories. You need to diet for your body type.

Hi, my name’s Bev and if you’re anything like me you’ve yo-yo dieted for many years. Now I’ve just stumbled on the perfect body type diet for my individual shape.body_type_diet

I’ve tried so many diets, and I’ve never had any long term successes. So what is this new method? Surely dieting is as simple as eating less and exercising more…. right? Wrong! Different body types process food in different ways. I’m sick of the wrong information, and if you are too, I’ve written my story below with a solution to your problems. How I managed to ignore the new fad diets, and start the journey to a newer,
healthier, thinner ME!

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I was on one of my regular trawls of the internet looking for my ‘miracle diet’ when I stumbled across information about three body types. They process food differently so it’s important to understand what they are and how they work to find the right approach for YOU.

There’s ectomorphs with spindly limbs, narrow chests and abdomens, little muscle and little fat who never seem to put on any weight.

Mesomorphs have broad shoulders and chest, more lean muscle on their body and burn more fat as standard, meaning they can do less gym time and eat more of the bad food (tastier food, right?).

Then there’s me – and I guess you, if you’re reading my story: we’re endomorphs who just can’t seem to shift the weight. We’ve got spherical bodies, weak arms, fatty arms and thighs.


It’s not our fault though, I’ll help you with the solution shortly….

Hmmm…wouldn’t it be bizarre if all these people with different body types could share a diet and exercise routine get the same results.

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No single fitness program, workout, exercise machine, number of sets, cardio class, diet or any other method of attaining a dream body will work ideally for every body type.

If you’re like me, you too have been fat and slim and all the different stages in between.

I’ve yo-yo dieted for many years. I’ve tried so many diets, and I’ve never had any long term successes.

I’ve been to slimming clubs, tried shakes as meal replacements…the list just goes on and on:
• the Atkins Diet,
• juicing diet,
• cabbage soup diet,
• South Beach Diet,
• Blood Type Diet,
• Dukan Diet,
• F Plan diet,
• GI diet,
• Mayo Clinic diet
• and most recently the intermittent fasting diet.

Yes, they all started out well and I usually lost a few pounds in the first few weeks. But I wasn’t following a BODY TYPE DIET and the regime became too limiting or too difficult to fit into my normal life. I stopped and went back to normal and guess what? I piled it all back on and more. No surprises I guess, and probably what you find too, yes?

And lately I’ve found it harder than ever to shift the weight, especially as it seems to have gathered around my abdomen.

I eat healthily, I exercise. If it’s really that simple, why aren’t we all walking round with slim, toned, healthy bodies? But in real life it’s more complicated than that. We’ve all got busy lives coping with home life, work and families so we need something that will bring results and not be another big chore to cope with.

I want to be able to wear whatever clothes I choose, keep up with my children, feel more attractive and healthier. I will no longer worry about dieting or losing weight as this system has taken care of all my dieting problems once and for all and is replacing them with dieting successes.




When I was younger I’d spend weeks on end eating nothing more than toast just to get myself slim and trim. And I’d work out for hours on end – you name it, gym classes, videos (when there were still videos not DVDs!), even running the streets with friends (sometimes stopping off for a chocolate snack on the way…)

I’ve been fit and trim – as low as a hundred and thirty pounds. I’ve blown up again – at times to over two hundred pounds. And as I get older it’s harder all the time to take any weight off.

I still desperately needed help to slim down. And now I’ve found it – the body type diet.

So what this straightforward solution offers is:-
- a lifelong solution
- where you don’t have to starve yourself,
- where you don’t have to eat odd foods
- and where you don’t need to exercise for hours each day

And if you want to feel:-
- slimmer
- more toned
- healthier
- more attractive
- sexier
- more confident

..whilst eating normal foods in a way that is going to burn fat and help you to start losing weight easily, safely and quickly.

So don’t hesitate. My biggest regret is that I didn’t find this system sooner.

It’s straightforward, adaptable and ACTUALLY WORKS.

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Is Emotional Eating affecting you on the Body Type Diet?

Is emotional eating affecting you on the Body Type Diet

Emotional eating can sabotage your weight-loss efforts.  If you’ve got a problem, or are feeling stressed or down you may start eating just to keep you occupied.  You might not even realize you are doing it, eating may just be a way of keeping yourself busy. 

Sometimes the strongest cravings for food happen when you’re at your weakest point emotionally. You may turn to food for comfort — consciously or unconsciously — when you’re facing a difficult problem, stress or just looking to keep yourself occupied.

Even if you are on the BODY TYPE DIET very often when you are stressed you don’t turn to a carrot or a handful of spinach to take your mind off what’s going on around you.  You’ll turn to the high calorie, fatty foods and eat too much of them, such as chocolate, sweets, chips, fried foods.

When you are out of control it can take you less than five minutes to eat 600-800 calories. If you think you can exercise it off it would take almost an hour to burn off that 5 minute binge, that’s not going to be a good plan long term.  You need to find a quick way to stop your emotional eating and regain control.

When you feel yourself hunting through the cupboards looking for something nice, grab something fresh and raw and gnaw on that, it will give you time to regain control. Tell your body you are in control not your emotional hunger.  Just by having something raw like a carrot will give your body the jolt it needs.

“If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution.” ~Unknown

Remember that,  if you have a binge where you lose control for a while just draw a line under it and then start the next day.  Just take small steps everyday towards your goal.  Be kind to yourself.  Believe in yourself. You will get there.

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Body Type Diet and Cellulite – the toxin within

Body Type Diet and Cellulite – the toxin within 



Cellulite, that unattractive orange peel look on your skin is a sign that your body is polluted. The orange peel effect is caused by a build up of fatty, toxins and water deposits in your skin – which is widely believed to be due largely to the toxic by-products of the food we eat. As well as using the BODY TYPE DIET this advice can assist in your weight loss.

We can help reduce the cellulite we have by eating foods to combat these effects and avoiding the foods that are adding to our cellulite. Let’s help clean our bodies and this will allow the body to detoxify itself and help break down the fatty deposits and prevent them developing again.

Foods to include to help banish cellulite:-

•Raw foods – snack on fruit, vegetables and salads
•Brightly coloured veg such as sweet peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, parsley and citrus fruits contain bioflavanoids, which help strengthen capillaries and so prevent the orange peel effect.
•Whole grain foods, such as brown rice and granary bread.
•Herb teas.
•Water, Water, WATER!!!!!!
All these foods help to cleanse your body of the toxins that cause cellulite.

Foods to avoid or limit

•Salt – too much salt makes your body retain water and toxins
•Processed Foods – they can contain high levels os salt and sugar
•Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol
•Saturated, polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fats -particularly heated fats.
•Dairy and wheat products.
•Fatty foods such as red meats
•Refined carbohydrates, such as white flour, bread and rice.

Okay we know that eating more of certain foods such as raw fruit and vegetables, drinking more water and eating less junk and processed foods will not only help our cellulite but will help our overall weight loss…. but there is also another eating weapon as well as Body Type Diet, we can use against cellulite … food combining

Food combining, it used to be in fashion, you may remember a diet called the Hay diet which introduced food combining but there is evidence that eating carbohydrates with protein like for instance a chicken sandwich, can slow down the digestion of the protein and that can add to the build up of waste in the body which will add to your cellulite.

If you can start to add in the healthy foods to banish cellulite and start to eliminate the foods that are adding to your cellulite problem your body will start to change. You will be eliminating toxins, your body will be less polluted. You will start to feel better, have more energy and your cellulite will be disappearing.

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How Stress can affect your weight loss on the Body Type Diet

How Stress can affect your weight loss on the Body Type Diet  If you are like me, if you are feeling stressed you’ll think nothing of reaching for some comfort in a chocolate bar whilst you are thinking the problem over with a cup of coffee.  But until you think about managing your stress you may well be adding to your unwanted weight problem. 

There are a number of ways stress can add to our weight problem and hinder the BODY TYPE DIET:

1) If we overeat when we are stressed, chemicals are released in our brains that help calm us down.  But because our mind is on other things the side effect is that we often overeat and that just adds to our unwanted weight problems.

2) Long periods of stress can cause your body to produce tiny molecules called “free radicals” that can slow the digestive function down. By slowing down the digestive function, the body cannot absorb all of the nutrients it needs from current food intake and ends up storing unused nutrients and calories as fat.

3) You may have heard that stress can leads to excess cortisol production.  Cortisol is a hormone that your body produces during times of stress.  Weight gain caused by excess cortisol production tends to accumulate around your middle and is often the primary source of your “belly fat”.

So if you want to help yourself control your weight, you also have to take control of your reactions to stress. So if you are ready to take control of your unwanted weight and take action the Body Type Diet can help you.

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Transform yourself using the BODY TYPE DIET

Transform yourself using the BODY TYPE DIET. “We have to keep transforming ourselves to become who we ought to be”  Oprah.  Oprah is an amazing, inspirational lady and she reminds us that we have to take responsibility for who we are…..and more importantly…..who we want to be.

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We are where we are today based on the decisions we’ve made so far in our lives.  I’ve put on weight in the past because I’ve felt the need to comfort eat.  I’ve felt the need to treat myself because……

  • I’ve had a hard day at work
  • The children have been arguing
  • I’m celebrating as I’ve a good day at work   :-)
  • I’m celebrating because the children have been good  :-)
  • Blah …Blah…Blah!!!!

As you can see I’ve made hundreds of choices to have something nice based on my own “self talk” or if you like my own “self justification” for my actions.  Sounds simple but if I’d made different choices along the way…my life would have been different.  One thing that would have been different is that I could have spent all the hours of my time I’ve wasted on thinking about dieting on something useful like writing a book, learning a language, building up a portfolio of abstract art,etc etc

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So I have made a choice to transform myself.  I am choosing to change the way I live.  I am going to change the way I think. I also know that although it can take only a second to make a decision, it can sometimes take a bit longer to see your decision through but this time I will keep reminding myself that my life is made up of my choices and I know what the right choices are. As Oprah says “I’m going to live my best life!!!!.”

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To Diet or not to Diet? Can the Body Type Diet help you?

To Diet or not to Diet?  Can the Body Type Diet help you? Have you done what I’ve done many times and dreaded going on another diet?  I almost tell myself I’m going to fail before I’ve even started? The day before I start a diet I eat all my favourite goodies that I believe I need to eliminate to lose weight. 

But if we all faced facts we know we can still enjoy our favourite foods but what most of us don’t want to do is inflict upon ourselves is the dreaded “Moderation”. The word “Moderation” makes us feel uneasy, guilty, slothful because if only….. we’d shown “moderation” in our previous eating habits we wouldn’t be overweight.

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I know I’ve got to change my mindset.  Food isn’t my enemy, it’s the fuel of life.  My enemy is my negative mindset.  Instead of thinking what foods I can’t have, I need to think what healthy foods and healthy eating will do for me.  It will help me achieve my goals, my ideal weight and lead a healthy vibrant life.  I am changing my mindset to a positive force and eliminate my negative self talk.  I am going to turn into a “how it’s going to change my life for the better” person instead of a “what I can’t have and how I feel deprived” person. 

I’ve been dieting on and off for years and finally I’m starting to realise that my enjoyment of life needn’t depend on whether I am “on or off” the diet on that day.  I need to get stability, calmness and balance back into my life.  Dieting and food does not need to be the main thing I think about every day. Moderation can become a friend to my new positive mindset.  I am in control of my future.  I have decided to be a healthier, happier, more in control person from now on.  I am in control of what happens from now on.

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Body Type Diet – Are Carbs your Friend or Foe???

Can you include carbs on your BODY TYPE DIET? First of all, carbs are not necessarily the enemy. They can actually be your best fat burning friends – IF you use them strategically. 

And, if you really want to control fat loss once and for all, it’s crucial for you to understand the pros and cons of carb intake. Trust me and I should know, it can be a love-hate relationship.

The Pros of Carbs 

  1. Carbs are muscle sparing. In other words, they preserve and prevent the breakdown of lean calorie burning muscle tissue.
  2. They provide energy to the brain and the body.
  3. They help spark our metabolism and keep it elevated to prevent metabolic slowdown and keep hormones in check.
  4. They stimulate insulin, which leads to a very anabolic/muscle building environment (this is kind of a catch 22 as you’ll read in a second). 

The Cons of Carbs 

  1. Carbs spike insulin levels and elevate blood sugar. It’s almost impossible to burn body fat in the presence of high insulin levels. (hence – the catch 22 above)
  2. Consuming too many carbs over lengthy periods of time can lead to a lot of fat spillover (see chart below), which leads to excess fat storage. Think obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc.
  3. Carbs (especially processed carbs) are the most abused nutrient from both a health and fat loss perspective.
  4. Excess carb intake creates a lot of water retention, which leads to a soft look so it makes you look and feel bloated.
  5. Processed carbs hide nasty fillers and chemicals that can potentially lead to severe health challenges. We call these obesity additives.

Body Type diet

Additionally, processed carbs like grains contain “anti-nutrients” and gluten that can block fat-loss and potentially cause various types of autoimmune diseases. 

Now you can see why people think you can just cut out carbs to lose weight. But there’s obviously a lot more to it because we need carbs to stay healthy and keep our metabolism happy and burning fat.

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 Additionally, low carb diets only work for 4 to 7 days at a time before your thyroid and leptin levels react negatively to slow metabolic rate and suppress fat burning hormones.

 Now you can see the crux of carb intake. It can be a double-edged sword.

 That’s why you got to get “sneaky” and cycle your carb intake to maximize both your health and long term fat-loss.

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 Inside this video, my buddy Shaun shows exactly how to eat LOTS of carbs and NEVER store them as fat with a method he’s coined as food macro-patterning:

 => Eat LOTS of carbs and NEVER store them as fat

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Body type diet – How to dress for a Pear Shape

Body Type Diet – How to dress for a Pear Shape 

One of the most common figure shapes for women is the pear shape. This means that the  the widest part of your body is below your waist , around your hips and at the top of your legs. All heights and weights  - tall, short, heavy, or skinny can be pear shaped.

A few of my friends are pear shaped they agree with the advice in the video below as they will do anything to avoid looking “dumpy and frumpy”.

There are a number of health problems sometimes associated with a pear shaped body type  -

  • osteoporosis
  • cellulite
  • varicose veins
  • menopausal hotflashes
  • eating disorders triggered by low self-esteem due to poor body confidence

By finding a weightloss solution like the BODY  TYPE DIET that works for you, you will be addressing your weight and health issues for a brighter future.

The Body Type Diet  can help pear shapes….

but it’s always good to know the best way to dress for our shape,check out the video below.

I’ll be adding different videos for different shapes soon.

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Body Type Diet – How to dress for your Apple Shape

Body Type Diet – How to dress for your Apple Shape

If you are like me and you are an apple shape you carry most of your weight around your middle. The fat round your middle means your body chemistry has higher levels of androgen, which is typically a male hormone. The excess adipose tissue (fat) is stored deep in the body – in and around your breasts, back and waist. This is also known as visceral fat that surrounds your internal organs: heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys and intestines generating a number of serious health risks such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.Apple shapes can also have problems sleeping due to the excess abdominal fat.

So while we are dealing with our own apple shapes using the Body Type Diet it’s good to know the best way to dress for our shape…check out the video below

I’ll be adding different videos for different shapes soon.

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Can your body type and body type diet affect your body transformation?

Can your body type and body type diet affect your body transformation?

Hi,  I’ve just been looking for some more information to share with you about body type diet. I’ve come across this interesting video with two guys Joe and Sven having a discussion on the different body types –  endomorphs, mesomorphs and ectomorphs  - and how different body types can develop through nutrition and exercise. 

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